This is great reminder about how to care for trout in this blazing heat.  Thanks to everyone who has forwarded the information on to us to post!

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources would like to remind trout anglers that catch-and-release fishing during the hot summer months can be harmful to trout.

The following guidelines are recommended:

Water temperatures greater than 68 degrees:

  •  Angling and handling of trout is extremely stressful and not recommended.
  •  Anglers are encouraged to target other species.

Water temperatures 65 – 67 degrees:

  • To reduce stress on trout, fishing during morning hours is recommended.
  • Keep trout in water while handling.
  • Avoid taking pictures of fish.
  • Gently revive trout before releasing.

Water temperatures below 65 degrees:

  • Trout are most likely to be active and feeding.
  • Reduced stress during landing and handling will give trout the best chance at survival after release.

Catch and release tips for trout survival:

    • Land fish as quickly as possible.
    • Use a rubberized landing net if possible.
    • Keep fish in the water while removing hooks (barbless hooks are encouraged).
    • Wet hands when handling fish.
    • Hold fish horizontally.
    • Check river water temperatures before fishing.