Welcome to Chesapeake Women Anglers

Our ClubCWA is a women-led club that is open to all. We foster women’s participation in the sport of fly fishing by provide a welcoming and safe community that promotes friendship and belonging. CWA’s purpose is to:

  • promote the sport of fly fishing among its members through a range of fly fishing activities that foster participation, learning, and skills-development
  • provide a community for members to meet, fish, socialize and network and encourage the exchange of ideas and knowledge
  • encourage women to participate in fly fishing by providing a welcoming, safe environment that mentors women in the sport through women-led activities and fostering a sense of belonging by valuing and amplifying the voices, perspectives and learning styles of women
  • promote environmental awareness and conservation and advance sustainable, ethical fly fishing practices that are consistent with the preservation of game fish resources
  • promote sportsmanship and the spirit of fellowship among anglers.


CWA is a volunteer-run, non-profit organization. It is registered as a section 501(c)(3) public charity.


Whether you’re an expert or beginner, young or old, prefer fresh water or salt we’ve got something for everyone. We want our members to fish, learn, explore and unwind. We offer a range of activities throughout the year. Check our calendar of events and join us on the water for fishing fun at off-the-water fly tying and socials.

  • Local day fishing – fish, lunch and learn in local waters.
  • Destination trips – our multi-day escapes. Travel to awesome locations for ultimate tight line adventures. Learn and build your skills – we offer casting instruction and fly fishing courses, often in collaboration with local clubs.
  • Fly tying – learn to tie your own flies at our off-season socials.
  • Environmental – help preserve healthy local waterways and learn how environmental issues impact our fish and their food.
  • Spring Kick-off & Fall Fling – our official club meetings. The Spring seasonal opener and Fall celebration. Share tales of audacious catches, and lament that trophy trout that got away! Annual Holiday Party – our end-of-year celebration.
  • GroupMe – make friends and keep in touch through our members only GroupMe app. Chat, share photos and support others with your own tips and tricks.
  • Fly Shows – participate and represent the club at local fly shows.
  • Casting for Recovery – CWA supports local CfR retreats for survivors and thrivers of breast cancer. Help fundraise for this remarkable charity and the inspirational folk they champion.