This is an excellent time to reach out to members of our very special Chesapeake Women Anglers fly fishing community to say Hi.  

Unfortunately, our 2020 CWA Fly Fishing Season is on hold until further notice.

So what are we doing about it?

  • First, the CWA board extends its most heartfelt wishes that you and your families will keep safe and  press on through this crisis in good health
  • Second, so we can better keep in touch with each other, a new CWA Membership Directory is available that reflects the addition of a number of new members in 2020. Please take a few minutes to let your friends know you’re thinking about them. (Members will receive an email with a link to download the directory.)
  • Third, here’s an excellent suggestion from our creative newsletter editor, Norma Kawecki. Since we only have the fly tying party at Harpers Ferry Brewery in February to report in this newsletter, why not write an article on one of your favorite trips? Norma wants to publish our next newsletter filled with these stories and post them on the web site. Tell her about the fish you caught, the places you stayed, and the friends you made along the way. Please send your stories, fly tying patterns, and fly fishing tips to Norma at by 30 April so she can capture them in the next newsletter. 
  • Finally, our Vice President, Katherine Farley,, proposes that we have some Zoom events in the near future to catch up with each other. Do you have some ideas for speakers or subjects you’d like to hear?  Please let Carol know at

Remember to get out and exercise when you can. Keep that fly casting arm strong! The fish don’t have the virus and they will be there when we’re ready to fish again.