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Have you ever wanted to go salt water fly fishing?? Now you can! CWA is proudly working with the Orvis Chesapeake Bay School and Rock On Charters to offer a 2 day event for CWA members on August 4th (Orvis Chesapeake Bay School) and August 5th (Chesapeake Bay Fishing with Rock On Charters). The Orvis school will prepare you for your time on the water. School is from 9am to 4pm, includes lunch, and their goal is to have the students exit the program with the ability to handle 30 to 50 foot plus casts effectively, understand casting and fishing techniques when fishing for fresh and coastal saltwater gamefish; have a good understanding of fly selection, leaders, knot tying skills, and the application/use of related gear and equipment. On August 5th, you will fish the bay for 4 hours with Rock On charters to practice all the skills you learned.

*Trip is limited to 4 people.

When: August 5th (Orvis School) from 9am – 4pm and August 6th (Rock On Charters) for 4 hours *departure time will depend on the weather.

Where: Rod & Reel Resort, 4160 Mears Ave, Chesapeake Beach, MD 20732

Cost: $650 ($329 for the Aug 4th 8 hour class and $321 for the 4 hour charter on Aug 5th)

Lead Contact:  Virginia Maloney and Captain Scott

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