Deb Fagan, Environmental/Education Chair June 2024

As I write this, the temperature in Silver Spring is 98! On the issue of Climate Change we may
disagree about the cause, but must acknowledge; that the planet is getting warmer. Studies
done in the last few years suggest that the decrease in the smallmouth bass population in our
Potomac River may be attributed to a warmer water temperature during their spawning season.
Some states are passing legislation to ban discussion of climate change when considering
energy and environmental policies. Silence on this topic is not the answer. A changing climate
(as we are witnessing in warmer temperatures year round and extreme weather events) should
not be ignored. Climate impacts our economy, health, agriculture, and many more issues.
Climate Change is happening…let’s discuss the issue and educate ourselves about what can be
done. Here is a group doing the important work of getting out factual information: Chesapeake
Climate Action Network (CCAN) click on this link to read more about their efforts:

Our Rivers:
The Anacostia River
The Anacostia’s Mussel May was a huge success. The community surrounding the river raised
funds to “adopt” 650 mussels to support the restoration efforts on the Anacostia and its
Watershed. Mussels are nature’s water purifiers: filtering algae, bacteria, and pollutants. An
adult mussel can filter up to 20 gallons of water a day. The Anacostia River’s improvement is
visible! Want to join the effort? Click on for more information and to view
before and after samples of the water.

The Potomac
An opinion piece written by a marathon swimmer who lives in DC appeared in the Washington
Post this past Saturday. The author advocated for lifting the ban on swimming in certain areas
of the river. She highlights the efforts of environmental watchdog groups over the past 20 years
to improve water quality on the Potomac River. Remember the goal: a swimmable and fishable
Potomac; hard work and information sharing makes change a reality. To read the entire article
in the Opinion Section of the Saturday edition of the Washington Post, June 22, 2024 or try this