Congratulations to Don and Norma Haynes for receiving the 2019 Trout Unlimited Distinguished Award for Leadership, an honor they richly deserve! They have been the heart and soul of the TU Mid-Atlantic activities for many years. Those of us in Chesapeake Women Anglers are grateful that their hard work and dedication on behalf of TU have extended to benefit our organization as well. The press release follows:

Don and Norma Haynes are the co-recipients of the 2019 TU Distinguished Service Award for Leadership. They will receive the award at the National TU meeting in Rogers, Arkansas in October.

TU Distinguished Service Awards recognize outstanding individual volunteer contributions and those who have embodied the values of TU.

The Distinguished Service Award for Leadership was established in memory of Stan Griffin, whose enthusiasm, persistence, and leadership have inspired generations of conservationists. This award is for an individual whose leadership has enriched the TU community whether at the chapter, council, NLC or trustee level. A key attribute of leadership recognized by this award is the sharing of ideas, experiences and knowledge with others to nurture and mentor the next generation of cold-water conservationists and leaders.

Thank you, Don and Norma from CWA.

Trout Unlimited
Norma & Dan Haynes